For Nonprofits

We’ve been helping area nonprofits mail their fundraising appeals for over 20 years, and now, our variable data printing will earn your nonprofit the increased response rates your organization needs.

A nonprofit’s attempt at getting a response is wasted if your potential donor tosses out the envelope before even opening it. Therefore, it’s critical to stand out among all the other generic bulk mail envelopes and make a personal connection with your recipient right off the bat in order to convince them to open it. With variable data printing on your envelopes, we can use a realistic handwriting font to address your envelopes, which studies show leads to increased open rates compared to more traditional typefaces. We have many handwriting fonts to choose from, and you can use any "ink" color. Take a look at some of the example envelopes below.

Letter using Rock Salt handwriting font
"Rock Salt" Font

Letter using FG Rakel handwriting font
"FG Rakel" Font

Letter using Ira4 handwriting font
"Ira4" Font with Varying Characters

You can acheive an even more "realistic" handwriting look with a font that has multiple versions of each character, curved baselines, and slightly faded effects.

In addition to using a handwriting font for your addressing, here are some other tips for increasing the success of your mailings:

  • Stand out from the piles of plain white #10 envelopes by opting for a different size or color
  • Utilize the extra space on an envelope with graphics that engage and pique curiosity with a question (“What does the future of your community mean to you?”), a human connection (a picture of a child looking towards the reader), incentivizing an early donation, etc.
  • Envelopes with windows tend to remind people of bills, so try a solid envelope rather than one with a window
  • Use a real postage stamp rather than an indicia, which has more of a human touch

You can further personalize your letter by using variable data with a handwriting font to create a personal letter specifically to your potential donor.

Personalized appeal letter

Whatever your goals and budget are, let us guide you to the best response on your next mailing.